About Us

We are professional structural and civil engineers, led by Rob Walsham.

We have exciting news:  JAWA Structures Ltd has combined with Envivo Engineering, Surveying and Planning.  We have joined two highly capable firms, very similar in culture, with complementary skills.  This will enable us to seamlessly provide a new and broader set of services to you.

The JAWA Structures team is excited by this progression and looks forward to continuing its structural and civil services.  Rob Walsham is Principal Engineer and leads the engineering division so you can rely on the same team focus and commitment that you have come to know and appreciate.  Both firms are extremely proud of the quality of their professional staff, the quality of their work, advice and service.

Rob is a New Zealand Chartered Engineer, with more than 30 years of structural and civil engineering experience. JAWA has been operating successfully as an incorporated company since 1999. It’s track record is extensive in the Auckland Region and is also based on project experience accumulated by the team through their association with other firms both in NZ and internationally. With a team of structural and civil engineers supported by technicians we are available to quickly commence work on your building project.

If you want an economic and sensible design solution, this is exactly what we’ll provide.  We don’t over design and we’ll always be looking for ways you can make savings. Sometimes this means standardising on larger projects and using easy to build details, but often it is simply minimising the materials used and making the most efficient use of each element in the design.  We are happy to look at all the options and welcome input from the builder.

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